Knitting a Scarf In A Day For Dummies

Knitting a Scarf In A Day For Dummies
Автор: Shannon Okey
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118377550
Цена: 316.80 Руб.
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Learn to knit a scarf in a day? Easy. Want to know how to knit a scarf? The secret's out—you can learn to do it in just a day with the help of this fun guide, no matter your knitting experience. This handy little guide gives you a clear understanding of the essential steps and techniques involved in creating a great scarf! You'll get a friendly, hands-on introduction to basic knitting techniques, tools, and terminology, as well as detailed coverage of the most common stitches. Plus, you'll get a list of recommended beginner routines and advice for fixing common mistakes. Key knitting techniques, tools of the trade, and terminology Getting started, step-by-step Coverage of basic stitches and fixing common mistakes Online component takes you beyond the book with bonus content and features Get ready to keep those needles clacking as you knit a fabulous handmade scarf!

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